Our new site is live

22nd May 2021

One of the great unavoidable ironies of the modern age is that one of the first places you have to announce the fact you’ve launched a brand-new website is on said website. But here we are — Welcome to Vivid Imagination’s custom new website!

This website has sat on the backburner for a long time, it’s a funny truth in life that if you spend much of your working day scrutinising the websites of clients to ensure they are creative, responsive and effective you can struggle to keep your own house in order. Whenever it seemed like our designers and developers had a window of opportunity to work on our own page a big job would come in supersede it, it is therefore with great delight we can say it is finally here and fully functional.

We feel this site not only expresses the best of our web design and build abilities — but it is also the ultimate platform to showcase all of our core services. From video and podcasting to marketing consultancy, editorial and animation. We have custom landing pages for all of our offerings as well as in-depth case studies highlighting some of our favourite projects.

Managing Director, Jayne Caple “It’s vital in business to practice what you preach. Therefore, we are acutely aware of the fact that we persistently need to keep our website at the forefront of current trends and practices in the world of web design. Our new website is fun, responsive and I think really embodies the core values of Vivid Imagination as a brand.”

From a design perspective, Creative Director Matt Hunkin added “The best design allows you to feel the message before you read the message. That’s the ethos behind Vivid’s approach and this is reflected in the new website. Clear messages, writ large without anything getting in the way. Bold, bright and direct.”

Finally, Lee Harris who lead development said “It was a really nice site to build, mainly down to the design. It’s a lightweight, responsive, custom-built WordPress website, built to the latest web standards.”

So, now you’re here why not take a little look around? Or better yet, give us some feedback on our shiny new site. The Vivid Imagination Team XX.


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