Selfie drones are here

There are many fans and detractors of selfie sticks, and while most of us here at Vivid Towers fall into the latter camp, we are absolutely ecstatic about this latest piece of tech news  a tiny selfie drone that hovers around taking impromptu snaps of you and your friends, that also doubles up as a phone case so you always have it with you. We just hope it has an auto-follow function so we can pretend we have our own personal Sparx from the Spyro series…probably won’t also collect gems for you sadly. 

The aptly named SELFLY Camera, currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, weighs less than a pound and attaches to the back of a phone case that will easily fit into most pockets. It has a battery life of just five minutes but the creator, Hagay Klein an Israeli orthodontist who packed in his day job to create the drone, testifies that this is plenty of time for a night of selfie taking. 

Check out the video below