Vivid completes Gettingmarried rebrand and website redesign

For lots of people their wedding day is one of the happiest memories of life. But, of course with it being such a big occasion, the months of planning a wedding can be a bit of a hellish ordeal, proving to be an endlessly costly — and stressful! 

However, some clever folks came up with a solution called A website that allows couples to create an innovative, beautiful website to share all of their wedding plans with family and friends. With a wide array of templates the simple to use system includes RSVP functionality, an integrated Prezola guest list and information about venues and local hotels to take away (most of!) the pain of planning a wedding! 

And best of all the website includes a guest book and space for guests to upload all of their photos from the special day, turning the whole site into a wonderful reminder of the wedding.

Clever right? Well, we thought that Gettingmarried’s great idea, could be even better! That’s why we worked closely with them to create a new logo and brand identity, as well as to come up with an entirely new look for the website to help soon-to-be newlyweds have the best wedding they can. 

Check out the website for yourself below here.