The antidote to all those achingly earnest artisan hipster 'maker' videos

vivid content marketing campfire

"My name is Sean Atkins, and I make content." If this were one of those Kickstarter artisan 'maker' videos, that's what I'd be saying. Probably in some rustic setting involving a campfire, axe handles and while wearing a check shirt and my Grandad's hat.

Now were all for applying storytelling to products and brands at Vivid – hey, it's how we make our living! And it works. But when the ratio between an inconsequential product and and super high-end video production values is too far out of whack - something is amiss. And when you add an over-complicated and earnest Jony Ive-style 'curing cancer' voiceover – it's comedy gold.

Which is what inspired the two brilliant videos below. We're saying nothing more, don't want to spoil them...


This is the simple story of one man's enduring passion. Meet The Maker!

Smoke & Flame, a Vancouver artisanal firewood company.

" My name is Sean Atkins, and I make content"

"My name is Sean Atkins, and I make content"