9 brilliant brand storytelling TED talks every Marketing Director should see


We love a bit of TED here at Vivid. A few of the team worked for founder Chris Anderson in a previous life so we've always had a soft spot. And besides, the world's cleverest people sharing their insights, experience and inspiration for 15 minutes - really, what's not to love?  

After much debate, we've cherry-picked the nine (started off as five, but to avoid a saloon fight we had to expand) best brand storytelling talks that all Marketing Directors and Content Marketing types must see. Enjoy.

Master storyteller J.J. Abrams on how an unopened gift from his grandfather fundamentally shaped the way he tells stories from Lost to Mission Impossible 3 to the upcoming Star Wars VII.

The Super Size Me creator tells The Greatest Story Ever Sold with lessons learned from trying to engage with brands in order to get sponsorship for his movie all about getting sponsorship. 

The author of The Tipping Point and Blink amusingly explores the nature of choice and why one size doesn't fit all. Oh, and he says: "to a worm in a horseradish, the world is a horseradish".

Renny Gleeson on how the lowly website ‘404 content not found’ page presents an opportunity and demonstrates that little things done right matter because well-designed moments build brands.

What’s the pattern between all the great brands in the world? What is it that they and their leaders do, the exact opposite way to everyone else, that makes them so successful?

The writer of Pixar's biggest hits shares how making the audience care with a well told promise that delivers the '2 + 2' (while allowing the viewer/reader to arrive at the '4') is the key to true engagement.

Ad man Rory Sutherland’s spellbinding observations on how the most potent ways to have impact with your audience are often really small and inexpensive. Love the Virgin Atlantic example!

Dan Colby reveals how the rules of physics affect the marketing of brands including BP and Tiger Woods and David Cameron. Admittedly, that synopsis made this sound pretty dry. It’s not.

A clever, really short talk that quickly makes us realise that assumption we have are not necessarily true - from street names, to blocks, to the role of a doctor. The same can be said for brand ideas.