How great brands evolve – steal from the world's best (in under 3 minutes)


We love Fast Company here at Vivid. The mag and the website (especially CoCreate) are regular haunts for our creative team and the recent 'Evolution of Brands' video series is just brilliant. 

Not only is each one a super quick cheat sheet on the marketing and growth history of some of the planet's biggest brand, but the style, inventiveness and sheer economy of storytelling in these three minute videos is an energetic lesson for all content creators. 

Part trip down memory lane, part masterclass in advertising and marketing the six best of the series so far are below. The rest can be found here. Essential viewing.

From WWII to Woodstock – how Volkswagen's famous wheels have been parked at the front of many important moments in world history.

Just watch it – from 'that' Swoosh to sweatshops, see how the world's biggest sports brand always stays on top.

Rivetting moments from the world's most famous jeans. Taking you from the crotch rivet to banned ads and beyond.

Just for the taste of it – 128 years of health aid to happiness-maker to one of the world's most recognisable brands.

How do you like dem Apples? – from humble beginnings in Steve Jobs' garage to the biggest company in the world.

Hamburgers and creepy clowns – the masters of reinvention pivot from BBQ to burgers to Happy Meals and the Super Size Me generation.